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What are cookies?

A cookie and similar tracking technologies may store small amounts of information on your web browser or device that can be retrieved at a later time.

Most websites and digital channels, including those of PayNuts, automatically gather data through cookies, pixels, tags or other similar technologies.

Cookies and similar technologies can enhance your browsing experience when you return to a digital channel, including by remembering items in your shopping cart, login details, website settings and content preferences. These tracking technologies also record information about your interactions with a website or other digital channels

How do we use cookies?

You may interact with us online via a range of channels, including via our website, customer portal, social media profiles, app, email or online advertising.

When you interact with us via any of these online channels, we may use cookies and other similar technologies to collect information about your access to and use of these channels, such as your device identifier, device type, browser type, location data, on-site behaviour and information on websites you have visited.

We capture this data to better understand and personalise your customer journey, provide a consistent experience when you interact with us online, make improvements to our digital channels and provide you with targeted advertising.

Some of the information we collect from cookies and similar technologies is of an aggregated or statistical nature or relates only to device. In these cases, we will have no way of knowing the identity of the user.

In other cases, we may associate information about your use of our online channels with your personal information (e.g. where you log in to our customer portal or click on a link we have sent you by email), meaning that we will handle this data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

How can you control your cookies?

If you would like to control your cookies, you can clear or delete the cookies that have already been stored by your browser. You may also be able to block or permanently disable cookies through your browser settings.

Deleting or disabling cookies may prevent some forms of digital advertising from being displayed to you. However, it may also result in some aspects of our digital channels being inaccessible to you or limiting their functionality.


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