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Merchant Portal.

The PayNuts Merchant Portal (PMP) is where you will find all of your business transaction reports. Within the portal you will find all of your transactional data stored securely, making it easy to find information on your payments, daily settlements, funding deposits and more.

Merchant Dashboard

Payments at a glance

Settled Transactions

Summary and detailed views

Chargeback Reports

View and manage disputes

Funding Deposits

Check received funds

Merchant Portal Dashboard

Each time you process a transaction through your payment facility the information is sent and stored in the PMP. Within the PayNuts Merchant Portal you have a dashboard view which provides a snapshot of your daily, weekly and monthly sales, funding, fees, and total transaction volume. These are all conveniently laid out in table or chart format so it's simple and easy to review.

Merchant Portal Transaction

The settled transaction report will show you all settled transactions including any transactions that were declined. Select a 'Summary' view, which provides totals for the day broken down by Payment Type (Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, AMEX etc).

Merchant Portal Transaction

Or select 'Details' to view and export every individual transaction for any given time/date period.

Check your Funding Deposits

Access the Merchant Portal Anywhere

Check your business transactions on the go. View the portal on your desktop computer or your mobile. Easily accessible at home or work, anytime, anywhere.


Merchant Portal


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