PAX A77. Mobile Terminal.

EFTPOS Terminals / PAX A77.

PAX A77.

Mobile Terminal.

PAX A77. Features

Data Sheet

As compact as a smartphone

This pocket-sized device includes a 5.5” colour touchscreen display, a powerful processor, and a long-lasting battery

Environmentally friendly

Designed to reduce environmental footprint as well as stationary costs, the A77 does not come with an inbuilt printer, but can be paired with one via Bluetooth connectivity.

Email or text receipts

Customer receipts can be delivered via SMS or email

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + mobile network connectivity

Flexibility to switch seamlessly between connectivity modes to suit your location

Docking station

Optional docking station available with USB type-C charging port

Perfect mobile solution

Process payments on the spot, anytime, anywhere with insert, swipe, tap, and QR code payments available

Super slim. From every angle.

Pax A77 Features

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