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Dawson's Oyster Supplies: kicking goals with PayNuts

Customer Success Story

22 Apr 2024

Dawson's Oyster Supplies

Dawson's Oyster Supplies is a blend of tradition and innovation! Under the leadership of Hannah Woods, Thelma Williams, and Louise Murphy since May 2021, this beloved local Lake Macquarie, NSW gem has thrived despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic. We asked Hannah a few questions about her business and what made Dawson’s a top local culinary destination.

How does your business look different now vs. when you first started?

"When we first took over the business, our online presence was non-existent. Fast forward to today, and we've undergone a significant transformation. We've invested in establishing and growing our online presence with a professionally designed website and active engagement across various social media platforms. We love our new online community!

"Our efforts haven't gone unnoticed either. We've been fortunate to gain attention from prominent local publications such as Hunter Hunter and the Newcastle Herald, which have helped elevate our visibility within the community."

Can you share a specific success story or milestone that was particularly meaningful to you?

"Getting through the first 12 months of running a new business is probably the greatest milestone for me personally. In our first year, we had to navigate multiple COVID lockdowns and the huge loss of revenue with restaurants and venues reducing trade or stopping it all together. We also encountered environmental problems that deeply impacted the local oyster industry."

"Despite these obstacles, we preserved and laid the foundation for subsequent growth and we have emerged stronger out the other side."

Collaborations can bring fresh perspectives, how partnering with PayNuts has helped your business?

"As a small business owner, multi-tasking is so important. Partnering with PayNuts has been instrumental in streamlining our payment services, saving me time and money! PayNuts has a very user-friendly merchant portal, competitive fees and exceptional customer support."

"PayNuts Merchant Portal (PMP) serves as a cornerstone for seamless business operations. Within this dynamic platform, we can effortlessly access transactional data, ensuring a smooth and transparent financial journey. From monitoring daily sales and funding deposits to managing chargeback reports, the PMP empowers us to stay informed and in control. With the ability to access the Merchant Portal anywhere, anytime, we can focus on what we do best – providing the freshest seafood to our customers."

Industry leading Features

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Sustainability trends can impact businesses locally. How does your store stay attuned to international trends, and have you adapted your products or services accordingly?

"Sustainability is an important concept in our industry. Consumers want to know about where their products come from and what impact their purchase has on the environment."

"We've made strategic adjustments to our product offerings and operational practices. For example, we've introduced an in-store recycling program with our oyster trays. We also recently worked with a local construction company, donating oyster shells and grit to be used in filtration projects. We also work with sustainable fish and prawn suppliers, so our customers can do the same."

Check more about Dawson’s Oyster Supplies here.

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