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The application is quick and easy. PayNuts send digital applications via email for you to review and complete. The process can be as quick as 2 minutes.

Documents required for an application include:

  1. Identification (Drivers License or Passport) for any Beneficial Owner with 25% or more controlling ownership in the entity.
  2. Proof of Business Bank Account which shows your Account Name, BSB, and Account Number. This must be a recent document dated within the last 90 days.
  3. Proof of Trading Address Document clearly showing your trading address.

To confirm any specific requirements please reach out to our team.

Yes, we would need to see proof of a business bank account that matches the applying entity. We can link your payment facility to any Australian business bank account, so using your existing bank account is easy and straightforward.

Our applications are digital and completed online. The application form is emailed out to you to and is easy to open, review and complete with no printing required. A full digital copy of the signed application form including our T&C's is then emailed out to you.
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