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Yes, our terminals integrate with over 700 different POS providers. Please contact us to confirm if our terminals are suitable with your specific POS requirements.

Once your merchant application has been approved, it is typically delivered within 7-10 business days.

We offer multiple terminal options. This means we can recommend the most suitable option for your business based on your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss our options.

Integrated EFTPOS allows your POS system to communicate directly with your EFTPOS terminal. The benefits of integrated EFTPOS include streamlined reconciliation, faster card processing times, a reduction in double-entry data errors and more robust reporting tools.

All of our products come with no lock-in-contracts providing our merchants with confidence and flexibility.

Integrated EFTPOS is now becoming the default option for businesses. This is because it allows you to serve customers faster and streamline reconciliation.

Our terminals are 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible. There is no additional cost to utilise these connectivity options as the communications cost is included in the package.

Our primary goal is to keep the cost of processing payments as low as possible to help support businesses. We have a number of options that we can recommend once we understand the requirements and circumstances of your business. Contact our sales team about the best pricing options for you.

Yes, you have the ability to add an automatic surcharge to your transactions which is then passed on to your customers.

Surcharging has been popular for some time in Australia and New Zealand. This trend is increasing especially in service industries like hospitality and retail.

If you decide surcharging is not right for your business or vice versa then you can easily move to our Low FEE EFTPOS option. Please contact us for further information on switching products.

With Pay Nothing EFTPOS, if you meet the monthly minimum transaction value of $10,000 per month, then you're eligible for $0 terminal rental.1 Additionally, all transaction fees are automatically passed on to your customers as a surcharge, so your business pays nothing.

Please note: The Pay Nothing EFTPOS solution may not be suitable for your business needs and circumstances. Contact us to find out which EFTPOS solution is best suited for your business.

¹$0 terminal rental is based on meeting min. monthly transaction volume of $10,000 per month, per terminal. Where this min transaction volume is not met in any month, a fee of $29 (inc. GST) per terminal applies for that month.

This is correct. As long as you process $10k per month through each EFTPOS terminal there are no rental charges. The surcharge your customers pay covers all transaction fees. PayNuts retain the surcharges from your funding each day so that there are no transaction fees to pay at the end of every month.

We aim to be as flexible as possible and should you wish to change to another EFTPOS plan then we can help you facilitate that.

The EFTPOS terminal is pre-configured to automatically settle at the same time 7 days a week. The settlement time is agreed upon during the application process and is your decision.

A gross settlement method is when your fees are calculated on your revenue at the end of the month. Fees are then charged and direct debited once per month.

A net settlement method is when your fees are calculated each day and retained from your funding on a daily basis. This means that you will not incur charges for your transactions at the end of each month.

Absolutely. We aim to provide flexible options for your business so you can decide which option best fits your requirements.

No, we can quickly and easily link your funding to any Australian business bank account.
Please refer to our support article for further explanation and understanding on our different funding timeframes.

Same Day Funding means that we can fund your processed transactions on the very same day. E.g. Monday's revenue would be funded to your bank account on Monday evening (prior to midnight). Same Day Funding is an add on service and additional fees may apply. Please contact us to discuss this option.

Next Day Funding means that your processed transactions are funded the next business day. E.g. Monday's revenue will be funded Tuesday afternoon. For further explanation please see the following support article on our settlement and funding timeframes.

Our services are suitable for any event where you need a fast, reliable, and contactless payments solution. We regularly manage payments at sporting, musical and community events as well as smaller charity and social events including food festivals.

Yes, user guides and instructions are provided. For larger events we can have staff onsite to assist with operations and any training requirements.

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